Dur dooR The inspiration for architect of Dur Door, a system of doorways for interiors that are of high quality in their design and manufacture, comes from his fascination with the great tradition of the Renaissance.">
Our name means approximately entrance to perish materials ( DURDOOR) was born out of a rising demand for high quality Building Materials and focus on interior finishing system in the kingdom market . And from a solid back ground in engineering and marketing we start to Introduce some products To the local market by hard chose of internal and External suppliers for the deferent items . Our engineers follow Avery high international and local standards which Make our establishment one of the highest quality materials suppliers In The Kingdome

DURDOOR Specializes in supplying high quality material for interior and exterior use . Durdoor has both the expertise and the means to find the right products for Specific segments of the market . Durdoor is continually looking for ways to chose best products effectively.
A high- quality products and excellent performance are creating A good end result. Professional suppliers & installer of our products is just as important. as our clints
Durdoor pleaded to share the success of the company with you as an employee or as distributor for the deferent of products for more informations conact us

the products not only affects our local environment but our entire planet. that's why our green initiative is an ongoing journey to give you the best green choices.

We understand the importance of providing our customers with quality products. That's why we have dedicated team that closely monitors all things from start to finish We follow rigorous procedures to qualify manufacturing .this assures we provide our customers quality products that give us the right to give our clients limited warranty.


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